Myrtle Beach Condo Rental

Myrtle Beach condo rentalLots of people from colder climates prefer to come to coastal South Carolina during the winter to escape the cold and snow and live with the sun, the beach, and the warmer temperatures. BeachComber Vacations has plenty of winter rentals available for this year. If you’re in need of a Myrtle Beach condo rental don’t hesitate to contact us or check out our winter rentals listed on our website.

Regardless of the size Myrtle Beach condo rental you need, we have a great selection for you to choose from – from small studios to 4 bedrooms with 3 baths sitting oceanfront.

If you choose to winter in Myrtle Beach, you will not have to wait in any lines at restaurants, you will have lots of space and peace and quiet on the beach, and you will not have to deal with traffic jams or crowded shopping centers!  There are lots of places to find people and things to do if you want, of course, too?

The beaches are gorgeous and uncrowded during the winter and many of the same activities enjoyed at other times of the year are still possible. Golfing, tennis, shelling, fishing, boating, bird watching, hiking, shopping, walking, running, bicycling and stargazing are all common winter activities. Becoming involved in local community groups is also popular. You will likely find that the Myrtle Beach condo rental that you select will have indoor pools, sometimes outdoor heated pools, as well as hot tubs and Jacuzzis.

Myrtle Beach Condo Rental

Myrtle Beach condo rentalEveryone seems to have their own preference regarding the best accommodations when on their beach vacation. We believe a Myrtle Beach condo rental from Beachcomber Vacations is an exceptionally good find and we'll tell you why.

The biggest and best reason just has to be the fabulous specials we run where you get a really good deal on your Myrtle Beach condo rental. For instance, from Sept. 3-16 you can get up to 15% off a select group of weekly rentals. Then from Sept. 17-Oct. 31 you can get up to 10% off a different group of weekly rentals. All of these rentals include departure cleaning and a full linen package at no extra charge.

A few of the many reasons you should consider a Myrtle Beach condo rental rather than a hotel, motel or resort is that hotel prices in the area have risen steeply over the past few seasons. A Myrtle Beach condo rental, on the other hand, is primarily privately owned and since many were purchased at a deep discount, that discount is passed on to you.

Another reason is that a Myrtle Beach condo rental is more like home. It's your home away from home while you're here. All of our condos are well appointed with regards to furnishings and amenities. Most are spacious and have more than enough room for a larger family or even 2 or 3 couples.

In Myrtle Beach, almost every Myrtle Beach condo rental is rented by the week so daily maid service is not provided. You may prefer those freshly made beds each evening in a hotel, but rest assured, you're paying for that in the rates you pay. Most condos are equipped with a washer and dryer, so keeping clean bath towels and kitchen towels is not a problem and certainly worth the savings.

This area of beach, commonly referred to as the Grand Strand, is home to more than 1,800 restaurants and an abundance of entertainment venues. You'll find that most condos are within a short walking distance. So have fun!