OFFICE HOURS ~ Closed Sundays

April thru Mid-October (Monday ~ Saturday 9:00~5:00)
Mid-October thru March (Monday ~ Friday 9:00~5:00) Closed Saturdays

CHECK-IN: After 3:00PM


Guest understands & agrees, he/she must be at least 25 years of age to sign the rental contract.

1. CHECK-IN: At the office of Beachcomber Vacations. Every attempt is made to have your unit available for check-in after 3:00 PM unless otherwise noted on your contract (some property check in times vary), but at times some circumstances may prevent this (maintenance or special cleaning for example). We suggest, especially during a holiday or during the summer season, that you time your arrival for after the suggested check in time. If you arrive prior to suggested check in time, come by our office and take care of any paperwork, and we will check on the status of your unit. Your contract must be paid in full 30 days prior to your check-in date. No late arrivals will be allowed if not paid in full prior to check in date. (Our office is closed on Sundays).

2. ACCOMMODATIONS: That the accommodation is a privately owned dwelling with the owner's furnishings and neither the Agency nor the owner shall be responsible for providing any additional furnishings or equipment not available presently in the unit. Should any equipment malfunction, we will make every effort to have any mechanical malfunction corrected as soon as possible. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR COMPENSATION FOR ANY MALFUNCTION OF EQUIPMENT, POOLS, TV, DVD, APPLIANCES, ETC.

3. To be responsible for any damage to the unit grounds, furnishings, equipment, and household items therein, which occurred during the guest stay of occupancy, excluding normal wear. Guest understands that any damage in which is discovered to exit or occurred during guest's occupancy should be reported at the earliest possible time to the rental office.

4. That the unit may not be sublet or this agreement assigned without consent of the Agent.

5. As noted in the website and/or rental brochure, the Homeowners Associations have various property restrictions which are enforced. As a rental guest you are required to obey these and all on site rules and regulations.

6. OCCUPANCY: Maximum accommodations listed for each unit must be observed.

7. Rental rates include Departure Clean, Linen Package and Beds made upon arrival. A $185.00 reservation fee will be applied to each reservation. For an additional fee and a minimum of one week advance notice, through our office you may request: Additional maid service, additional linens, crib, high chair or rollaway bed rentals.

8. UNIT PHONE NUMBER: Will appear on the rental confirmation. Any long distance calls from the unit - must be made by the use of a calling card, credit card or collect. A $5 handling fee per call will be charged for any long distance calls charged to the unit phone. This policy is strictly enforced.

9. NO PETS are permitted on the premises - we reserve the right to terminate any rental without refund and security deposit forfeited, if pets are found on the premises.

10. NO HOUSE PARTIES: (We rent to families and adults all over the age of 25). A family is defined as parents, their children and relatives. Anyone renting other than stated will not be admitted to the rental unit and will forfeit all rents paid. Any misrepresentation is grounds for this action. This policy is strictly enforced.

11. PAYMENT - A: ADVANCE DEPOSIT - One-half of the total rent plus Travel Protection and it's tax (if purchased) is required to confirm reservation (unless within 30 days of arrival, then total is due.)

B: TAX - Seven percent (7%) State Sales Tax, One Percent (1%) Accommodations Tax and Four Percent (4%) Local Tax due on all rentals. (Unless State/Local Tax changes).

C: BALANCE - We ask that your contract be paid in full on or before thirty days (30) days prior to your check-in date. We will accept a Personal Check - (if received (30) days prior to the check-in date), money order, cashier's check, Visa or MasterCard.

12. CHECK-OUT TIME - 10:00 AM or before. In order to complete your contractual agreement, you must follow the checkout procedures found in your check-in key package. Also you need to return the unit keys to the office of Beachcomber Vacations by 10:00 AM or before. Early checkouts may leave the keys in the office drop box located outside of Beachcomber's office door. Do not leave keys in the unit. YOU WILL BE CHARGED $75.00 PER EVERY 1/2 HOUR LATE CHECKOUT.

13. LOST KEYS AND/OR POOL BRACELETS: a charge of $10 to $200 each, depending on the property.

14. LOST & FOUND: Beachcomber Vacations will not be responsible for any items left in the unit. We will make every effort to located and return items to you; there is a $25 fee for this service. This fee is charged to your security deposit. Postage and/or shipping fees will be billed separately.

15. As AGENT, we reserve the right to refund or not refund a deposit, refuse admittance, assign a different unit of the same size and occupancy as confirmed and/or discontinue occupancy if in our opinion occupant is detrimental to the premises.

16. SUBSTITUTION: In the event a reserved accommodation becomes unavailable for rental use, we reserve the right to substitute a comparable accommodation, if available, or grant a refund of your payments made, without further liability.

17. $250 DAMAGE DEPOSIT: - Is required for each reservation however, some security deposits may vary. In lieu of a Cash Deposit, a valid credit card (Visa or MasterCard) imprint may be given upon check-in. Guests are responsible for any property damages and will be charged for occurrences of damage or excessive cleaning upon departure. Please report any damage at check-in or when it occurs. Cash refunds will be mailed approximately (30) thirty days after departure. Checks not cashed within 60 days will be voided and a $36 fee plus stop payment fee will apply for re-issue.

18. CONSTRUCTION: Unfortunately, we cannot predict the location of all construction activities along the beach or road ways and we may not be able to inform you at the time you make your reservation on whether or not your accommodations are near a construction site. Therefore, we cannot make refunds or adjustments because of construction activity.

19. MANDATORY HURRICANE EVACUATION: No refunds will be made for mandatory Hurricane Evacuation unless you have purchased Travel Protection (the refund amount is based on mandatory evacuation days only). You would file your claim with RentalGuardian.com for the days under mandatory evacuation.

20. AGENT: may enter premises for the purpose of effecting necessary repairs and/or maintenance.

21. That Beachcomber Vacations, as Agent of the Owner of the individual unit rented shall not be liable for any damages or injury to tenant or to any other person, or to any property occurring on the premises or any part thereof, or in common areas, and tenant agrees to hold Agent and Owner harmless for any claims for damage, no matter how caused. Agent will not be held responsible for acts of theft or vandalism or other damage to the guest's personal property.

22. That if guest or any member of his/her party violates any of the conditions or agreements in that contract, Agent may terminate the contract and enter premises by force or by statutory proceedings.

23. TRAVEL PROTECTION: Travel protection is offered in partnership with RentalGuardian.com, and is available for reservations made 30 days or more in advance and is offered when you make your reservation. For those of you who will be vacationing with us between May and November, please note that this is hurricane season. Travel Protection benefits you and your family if an emergency, mandatory hurricane evacuation, family illness or death should occur and prohibit your traveling party or a family member of someone in the traveling party. If you have purchased Travel Protection, your rental agreement will reflect the cost of the protection, and is added to your advance deposit but coverage is only in effect when we have received your signed rental agreement and advance deposit along with the Travel Protection payment in full. A CVL (coverage verification letter) explaining the benefits, exclusions, and limitations will be sent to your email address from Rental Guardian after the purchase. To learn more about the coverage or what numbers to call to file a claim or ask a coverage question, go to http://insurestays.com/ptnw/. The number to call is (833) 610-0736.

24. CANCELLATION: We will refund the deposit less 25% only if we are able to re-rent the unit for the same dates and rental rate. Please notify us immediately of cancellation. (If you purchased Travel Protection, also file a claim with RentalGuardian.com by calling (833) 610-0736). Requests to change properties and/or dates are considered the same as requests to cancel and are treated as such.

25. Although every effort has been made for accuracy, Beachcomber Vacations is not responsible for errors in this website and all descriptions, floor plans and rates are subject to correction.

26. Maintenance - Please keep in mind service calls are billed to the owner, and any unwarranted service calls will be charged to the guest. In order to keep the units in good condition some preventative maintenance (i.e. filter, pest control, etc). repair and guest requested maintenance is required which will require periodic access to the unit and may be necessary during your stay. We cannot guarantee any appliance or amenity.We will do our best to have any repairs done expeditiously. There will be no refunds due to any maintenance.

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